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Why do we always feel better when we have a sun tan?  Is it just because darker skin hides more blemishes?  Or could it be that being darker produces an optical illusion of being smaller and therefore slimmer than when we are pasty and pale?

The answer is yes on both accounts.  But that is not the whole story.Click to buy

Having a tan - being exposed the sun's rays - produces biochemical reactions with in the body that improve our health, energy and vitality. The energy of all living things is derived from the sun. Without exposure we cannot survive.

When the body is exposed to sunlight it produces endorphins which give us that feeling of wellbeing.

Sun exposure provides a natural dose of vitamin D (vitamin D is made in the skin activated by uv light), and it is essential to your health (especially important for children who are in a constant state of growth...think healthy bones, teeth etc.). This has been shown to inhibit the development of some cancers so the overall message is that sunshine is GOOD.

However, we all know that too much exposure is bad and we are constantly being told about the very real risks of skin cancer and using sun block.  And there's the problem. 

Many popular sun creams and lotions contain strong irritants that are now known to cause skin rashes and swelling.  There has been a sharp rise in allergic reactions as companies use more and more chemical combinations to create an effective sun block.

The thing is we do not need to 'block' out the sun.  Our bodies need sunlight to manufacture vital Vitamin D.  What we do need is something that protects our skin during exposure and helps to minimise sun damage that can lead to premature ageing.

Natural oils have been used for centuries in sunny climates to protect the skin and enhance the natural glow obtained from enjoying a reasonable exposure to the sun's life giving rays.  Comfrey contains allantoin a natural compound that reflects the suns harmful rays whilst allowing those that we need to penetrate. Suntana sun oil combines comfrey with Vitamin E and coconut both of which promote healing and moisturisation whilst allowing a healthy golden tan. Tea tree and citronella which are antiseptic and biopesticidal help to keep bugs and mosquitoes away.

It can even be used for after sun care as the healing and soothing properties are so effective.

Suntana Sun Oil has a wonderful texture and aroma and smells of sunshine, blue skies and clean air.  The aromatherapy effects of these wonderful oils will keep you fresh and clear all day. Once you've tried it you'll never want to use anything else.

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