Bios NatureCure

General Information

The Bios NatureCure Alternative Health & Lifestyles, brings you a catalogue of genuine traditional remedies and therapies steeped in safe Herbal Principals, Homoeopathic principals against the background of Naturopathy.

Bios NatureCure Alternative Health & Lifestyles introduces you to a Holistic system designed to bring about harmony between your Body-Mind and Soul. That is: your Physical state, your Mental state and your Spiritual state in relation to your environment.

Bios NatureCure Alternative Health & Lifestyles Ltd grew from the Bios NatureCure (BNC) - a clinic of Holistic medical practice founded in 1984 by Dos Adele, Biochemist and Holistic Medical Practitioner. The clinic is located in Blackburn, Lancashire in the U.K. and has successfully treated patients with conditions ranging from asthma, arthritis, all forms of diabetes and chronic heart conditions to cancer - in many cases avoiding the need for major surgery.

The approach employed at the BNC is unique in that as a qualified herbalist, homeopath, naturopath and bio-feedback therapist, Dos Adele takes elements of all of these disciplines and measures them against a scientific background of biochemistry and physiology. No symptom or condition is looked at in isolation and the whole being is treated.

The Bios NatureCure is also a manufacturing company with essential medical research programs and product research & development.

As demand for the products made and prescribed at the Bios NatureCure grew, by word of mouth, beyond the patient database, it became necessary to organise a mail order facility and so Bios NatureCure Alternative Health & Lifestyles was born.

Our aim is to bring you a natural alternative to all your health needs. We welcome your comments and requests because we want to tailor our services and products to your needs. Welcome to Good Health and Happiness.


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